LOTOS Poker!

A little bit of history

Poker is the most widespread and beloved game in the world. It walked a long way over 500 years. And through all this time poker was perfecting – it was a simple card game, card fun, a “game of cheaters” and pickpockets. It grew up to club poker (poker casino) thereafter and nowadays has over a dozen variations among which are Texas Hold`em, Omaha, seven-card stud poker, and five-card draw poker. Texas Hold`em is the most popular among them and it is the first card game, which according to an American legend appeared in the city of Robstown, Texas. In the course of time poker became more than just a card game. Its popularity reached such level that it became a type of sport and gained a status of an intellectual game. Poker tournaments are a great event. They are arranged all over the world and gather millions of fans and professionals.

LOTOS Poker as a style of life!

Playing poker nowadays is fashionable and prestigious. It makes people study books and websites to learn about the theory of game, to fight competitors in skills and become the best! Internet poker is gaining more popularity.

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LOTOS Poker Room gives new players a chance to learn playing online poker for free. Once you feel yourself confident, you can play poker for real money and take parts in online poker tournaments.

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